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Mobile Briefcase Case Studies

Maple Leaf Foods & Mobile Briefcase

Maple Leaf Foods is a leading consumer packaged goods food company, headquartered in Canada with operations in several other countries internationally. They produce delicious, high quality, nutritious food that can be found in virtually every consumer's kitchen in Canada. With a strong focus on innovation, Maple Leaf Foods launches several new products and line extension innovations every year to meet the needs of consumers and drive category growth for their customers. With over 20,000 employees, it is vital that they keep all necessary stakeholders in the Field Sales, Marketing and Customer Business Teams informed and consistently in touch, to ensure they maximize the success of these initiatives, as well as optimizing their day-to-day business.

Before Mobile Briefcase

Before using the Mobile Briefcase application, the management teams and coordinators would spend a sizeable amount of time and costs making sure all employees had been equipped with the proper marketing and sales materials. This process would include a considerable amount of resources in printing and organizing the documents that were then distributed by courier or mail to the various members of their national sales team. Files were received by field sales employees at different times making it hard to keep everyone on the same page. This process was carried out monthly and sometimes weekly, which was financially burdensome and very time consuming.

Uploading files at home from a shared head office server, had become another area in which the management teams were looking to increase their efficiency. The process to access, download files and then save it to their computer was a process that could take up to an hour of administration time each night, for every Rep.

How Mobile Briefcase Helped

Maple Leaf Foods began using the Mobile Briefcase App to become more efficient with sharing documents and free-up more time in the workday to SELL! By implementing this application they were able to:

  • Eliminate hard copy binders and upload files as they received them, equipping their representatives with the essential documents and information they needed to succeed, no matter their location.
  • Lower costs of printing materials and courier services.
  • Better organization of files, making it easy for employees to find the information they need without spending time sorting through content. Full control of the amount of files shared so the application doesn’t become overloaded.
  • Access to view current and new files in real time - whether they are connected to the Internet or not, they can access the information they require.
  • No time wasted in uploading or deleting files - freeing up time to do more SELLING.
  • Training newly hired staff using files and content added to their Mobile Briefcase. More informative and helps employees learn at their own pace.
  • Files can be uploaded specific to role or job level - ie. Permission-based security built in.
  • Reduced amount of emails sent; no longer flooding employee’s inboxes with files and information.
  • Decreased carbon footprint; deleting or getting rid of a file is done electronically, so no paper waste.

Mobile Briefcase is adaptable and immediately makes a positive impact on how a team can share and view files. The organization and simplicity of Mobile Briefcase makes the transition for employees easy and generates a positive experience for everybody involved. With a company of this size, the ability to share and connect in real-time is critical and Mobile Briefcase has allowed Maple Leaf Foods Field Sales Organization to remain focused on their primary goal of achieving long-term sustainable growth.


“I would recommend this to any organization that wants to organize themselves a lot better - this is a great organization tool for sure”

Communications Coordinator

Maple Leaf Foods

Nice looking application where I can see all the information everybody else can see

Communications Coordinator
Maple Leaf Foods

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