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The Application

Always ready sales documents

Designed for easy presentation of any content, Mobile Briefcase gives users a great way to organize and present essential content, view it the way they want, to and collaborate with others - all from within a simple and streamlined mobile application. We have designed Mobile Briefcase specifically for sales representatives standing right in front of a client. Organize content into Mobile Briefcase binders. Jump between them instantly. Share presentation materials publicly via social media or selectively through email. Unchain yourself from the office with Mobile Briefcase and stay connected to your essential content wherever you are. If your content is updated – Mobile Briefcase will automatically pull the content to you.

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The Admin Portal

Surprisingly Simple Enterprise Content Admin 

With the Mobile Briefcase mobile CMS, your team has complete control of your sales collateral distribution, and management is easy and affordable. With the Mobile Briefcase Admin Portal, you can organize all your new or existing digital content into one secure place, control distribution, and make sure your brand and messaging is being delivered consistently to the field. With Mobile Briefcase tools, you can tag your digital media assets so your team can instantly filter and find exactly what they need, with minimal searching and preparation. In addition, all of this content can be tracked gathering usage metrics with direct feedback from the applications usage, providing content developers the opportunity to adjust sales support materials based on what’s actually working in the field.



  • Manage all content through a powerful, yet simple CMS
  • Bulk upload and organize your existing or new content quickly and simply
  • Customize content tags and categories, so content is easy to find in the App
  • Make sure only the latest approved versions are available with instant ‘sync’
  • Push and highlight noteworthy or new content to the field
  • Have the option to develop smart documents that can be used immediately in the field
  • Track viewing of content frequency to improve marketing materials

The Platform

Enterprise Mobile SaaS

Mobile Briefcase is an iPad based, software-as-a-service solution. Mobile Briefcase’s SaaS environment ensures the product and application are updated on a regular basis and with a clear roadmap in place to create a “future safe” platform. Our engineering team has focused on the core modules needed to fulfill majority of business needs and are instantly available. Where you see a unique requirement for your experience goals, Mobile Briefcase can be 100% tailored to your business needs. No matter what kind of customization is needed, Mobile Briefcase offers extremely affordable options to integrate to legacy systems like SAP, SharePoint, Oracle or other ERP and CRM system. Want a Private SaaS environment for your own content - this can be accommodated too. This provides business leaders the opportunity to push latest sales and marketing material to their sales force without significant investment in retraining or retooling existing company processes.



  • Dynamic Content Management
  • Drag and Drop / WYSIWYG Admin
  • User Segmentation / Multi-Client Enabled
  • Content Segmentation
  • Content Tagging
  • Online / Offline content
  • Strong Password implementation / remote wipe / restrict content actions

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